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Legend Heart has lost a dear friend. Rob Cummings, who passed away.

Legend Heart was in a fight to keep their name. A major label band with one of the world's leading intellectual property law firms in New York, decided they were legendary, and therefore the battle began. It was literally a David VS Goliath story. However, Rob successfully defended the trademark opposition and Legend Heart. Not only was this case dismissed, it was dismissed 'with prejudice' meaning that the plaintiff can never bring it up again (the best outcome in a trademark opposition). It was Rob's perseverance, tenacity, common sense, and ability to go above and beyond the effort of a typical Attorney that enabled him to prevail.

He was a business development and marketing strategist, published author, promotional copywriter, business writer, designer, producer in all media, web developer, brand developer, project manager, motivator, trainer, negotiator, salesman, deal maker, process engineer, off-site creative director, copywriter, and more - all in one. But to us he was a special soul that we will never forget. God Bless you Rob Cummings. You will forever be a part of Legend Heart.

Rob Cummings

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