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A gifted songwriter and guitarist, Reno also sings, plays keyboards, bass, drums, and other instruments although he does not like to say he is a multi-instrumentalist. "I am a guitarist & songwriter who can sing". "The other instruments are fun and I can play them, but prefer what I like to do best" With many Rock & Roll war stories in the years he has played music all over the US, from coffee houses to stadiums. Many of them with close friend, the late James Wyatt, and all the ups and downs of being a musician, Reno prefers to stay focused on the present and the future, not the past. He has turned down several major labels over the years, focused on true independence. "The Legend Heart project is the only one that has ever given me the feeling of doing real music my own way, with the freedom of expression, helping and entertaining people, and without the deception, and corruption that exists in many areas of the music industry" Reno feels too much energy is wasted on personal lives and such, regarding celebrities, almost entirely from big media entities, and not enough on the talented works that are generated from real artists. "When audiences cheer because you did a great cover, it's a good feeling, but it pales in comparison to the feeling you get, when the cheers are for your original songs".

Everyone in Legend Heart agrees that being and staying original and truly independent is the key to being a truly great artist. Not in regards to fame, but the recognition of their work and contributions to help make this a better world. Reno's goal, along with fellow band mates, is to help people in need, all over the world, through the music & their ongoing charitable efforts & support. I love everyone in Legend Heart, and that is what inspires good things to come". Reno's writing talents for the rock based sound of the band also include flavorings of Classical, Jazz, Progressive, Blues, Metal, Punk, & Folk, to name a few. The result being, unique original music for their audience, through their CD'S & live performances, helping Legend Heart in their efforts to give the world their gift of song.



Suzette is a world class vocalist, as well as a rare and talented flutist, bassist, and songwriter. She also plays keyboards and guitar. Suzette comes from a musical family. Her uncle, Richard Berry, wrote the hit song "Louie, Louie" made famous by The Kingsmen and covered by many artists. Her aunt Dorothy was an inspiration to her growing up when she performed with the Raylettes on the road with Ray Charles. It inspired Suzette to explore her own musical talents. Her musical taste is diverse, including rock, soul, blues, jazz, progressive, classical, dance, and medieval music. Her influences include Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Aretha Franklin, Black Sabbath, and John Lennon, just to name a few.

When Suzette was a teenager attending school in Germany, she sang and acted in the production of South Pacific. Suzette was also offered a contract with Motown before she was of legal age, in which her mother wisely declined. This was the beginning of something that would lead to what she loves. Writing and performing music independently. Suzette, along with Reno, the late James Wyatt, Bob Roberts, and Mike West, worked together musically for many years to make Legend Heart  thrive. "True independence is freedom. Freedom to reach your dreams and decide your destiny". Nothing is more important to Legend Heart.  Suzette wants to create music that will reach people, and make a positive impact on their lives.



Bob shares the bass duties with Suzette in all live shows, and in the recording studio as well. Bob, along with Suzette took over the bass duties, due to the sudden death of friend, bandmate, and Legend Heart's original bassist, James Wyatt. A native of the Northwest where Legend Heart is based, Bob began to play bass as a very young man, but life took him in another direction with family and work responsibilities. After many years passed by, Bob got together with Reno, Suzette, and the late James Wyatt, to begin the official formation of Legend Heart in 2001. Bob's desire to play music, and pick up the bass guitar again was back. Bob originally agreed to be band manager in the beginning, but over time began to share those duties, and start to play often on stage.

It was good to watch Bob begin a journey back into playing music again. Jim would step off stage and Bob would play a song or two, as Jim and the band enjoyed seeing him play. After Jim's death, the band opted to work with some other players. Among them, Reno's close friend, Jon Barnes, who although a great talent, had east coast commitments where he is from. Also a local talent, David Hopper filled in. But it seemed the best fit was inevitable with Suzette and Bob. Even Reno and Mike jump in on occasion just for the fun of it all. Bob however is a solid bassist, and a great friend and band mate.



Michael is a very talented keyboardist, who can also play rhythm guitar, harmonica, bass, drums, and sing. He is a natural musician, "I've always loved music and art, as far back as I can remember". Michael is very interested in many types of music. He is very good with computers, art, and engineering. On Legend Heart CD's, he is very instrumental with this talent, during production. His creativity is something that shines in every area of Legend Heart. 

Michael has also contributed to the marketing and promotional aspects of Legend Heart. He is very content with Legend Heart being it's own record company (via Legend Heart Records), with their own recording and rehearsal studio. He also likes that Legend Heart does everything in house, including their own bookings and self management. There are good things on the horizon for Michael, as his participation now very strong, grows even stronger, and more appreciated than he knows.



The Late Great James Wyatt. One of the founding members of Legend Heart, he was a bassist like no other, as well as a vocalist and songwriter. James toured and recorded with the some of the greatest acts in the world including Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Fats Domino, The Temptations, and many others. He performed with fellow Legend Heart band mate and best friend Reno West for years in concert venues before forming Legend Heart along with Reno, Suzette, and Bob. Not only was James an amazing bassist, playing with a handicap of four missing fingers, but the greatest friend and family anyone could ever wish for.  The band was devastated when James passed away. His spirit lives through the music of Legend Heart, and in the hearts of the people who loved him.

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